Product Questions:

Do your mufflers have a baffle?
Yes, all our mufflers have removable baffles.

Do I need a power commander?
No, you will not need to rejet or remap your bike.  Our products are designed to work with stock tuning.  If you have tuned your bike away from stock you may need to return your bike to stock.  Our pipes are designed to be plug and play.

Will the muffler work with my stock side bags?
Most of our mufflers will work with stock side bags.  You will not be able to use our hi level pipes with side bags.  If you have further questions regarding fitment please contact us.

I have a dual system, is the price on the site for one or two mufflers?

All of our systems include all necessary pieces for installation except for tools.  For dual systems the package will include: two mufflers, two link pipes, mounting straps, clamps and gaskets if required.

Can I repack my Delkevic muffler?