Motorcycle Crash Bars are manufactured

from stainless steel and are supplied
with all fittings required. Engine
crash bars help to protect
valuable parts of your motorbike
if an accident should occur.

Bodywork sets are
available in both painted
and unpainted finishes and are
manufactured from ABS injection
moulded plastic. They are brand
new fairing components for most
Japanese sports motorcycles as
well as European sportsbikes.

Motorcycle Radiators
are a high quality aluminium
direct replacement for the
O.E.M original motorcycle radiator.
They feature the same coolant
capacity and volume at a fraction
of the price.

Replacement Starter
are designed to fit the
same as O.E.M. parts.
Manufactured from quality
materials, they represent an
inexspensive substitute to O.E.M.

Engine Covers are a
direct replacement for the
O.E.M. manufactured part.
CNC Machined from Alloy,
Delkevic engine and crankcase
covers offer an affordable
alternative to O.E.M.

Downpipes are constructed
from 304 grade stainless steel which
offers superior corrosion resistance to
that of other stainless steel.
Delkevic Stainless Steel headers are
designed as a direct replacement for
the O.E.M. exhaust and will also work
in harmony with aftermarket silencers,
whether its a Delkevic silencer or other

Motorcycle Exhausts are manufactured
from quality materials to enhance your
motorcycles performance and
appearance. We aim to improve your
riding experience at an affordable price.
The majority of Delkevic mufflers are
road legal with removable baffles
where required. Delkevic exhausts are
available in lightweight Titanium, 304
Stainless Steel and Carbon Fibre.

Replacement Footrests
and Rearsets
are a direct
alternative to the O.E.M.
product. Delkevic footrests are
compatible with the original
footpeg and manufactured in
cast aluminium and CNC
machined where required
ensuring equivalent quality to
genuine footrests at a fraction
of the price.

Knee Braces offer thigh and
shin protection for Moto X and enduro
riders. This knee protection offers a
more comfortable fit and “wrap
around” feel than other similar knee
protection devices. The motorcross
specific upper and lower protection
plates are connected via a twin
aluminium chassis hinge carrier,
utilising a dual pivot hinge ensuring
accurate knee movement emulation.

Replacement Alloy Wheels
offer an affordable alternative to the
original O.E.M. motorcycle wheels. Our
motorbike wheels bear the DOT mark
and carry full Department of Transport
approval. The wheels are manufactured
to exacting tolerances, dimensions and
technical specifications as the O.E.M.

About Delkevic

The Company

Delkevic have been active in the manufacture and supply of motorcycle parts and accessories for over 5 years, growing the brand awareness by offering quality, affordable products combined with our dedication to outstanding customer service. Our wide range of motorbike silencers has developed a strong following throughout the motorcycle community, offering fitments for many Aprilia, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha models. Coupled with extensive ranges of stainless steel exhaust downpipes and collector boxes, full motorcycle exhaust systems, motorcycle radiators and motorbike wheels, Delkevic have emerged as one of the fastest growing suppliers of parts for your motorcycle. With offices located globally including the UK, USA, Australia, Japan and China, and dedicated knowledgeable staff, we have the worldwide presence and passion to provide our customers with the parts they want, when they want, at a competitive price. Please contact us for any information you require, whether it be a new replacement Motorcycle Radiators, a full Motorcycle Exhausts System or Exhausts Downpipe, or any other Motorcycle Accessories, we would be happy to help!



Eager to follow on from the relentless pace of 2013 that saw many new products, including new applications of Slip-on End Cans for various Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha models, re-designed Motorcycle Downpipes and Yamaha Collector Box and further additions to our extremely popular range of Road Legal Exhausts, we aim to keep this momentum going into 2014. Expect to see an increased range of Motorcycle Exhausts, including more additions to the Exhaust Muffler range widening the application of models.

We have also been extending our range of unpainted bodywork covering many popular models.